Our responsibility

The directors recognise the importance of environmental considerations in operating the business. As a responsible business, M & R Joinery Services Ltd seeks to follow, in all areas of its activities, policies that recognise this. It is considered that with best practices observed, timber and wood products are the ultimate sustainable and recyclable materials, requiring low energy consumption to process and being thermally efficient in use.

M & R Joinery Services Ltd will purchase timber products which is certified as coming from well-managed forests by organisations such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

The Group aims to adopt environmental standards at least equal to legal requirements and to integrate environmental considerations into its decision making in such areas as transport, energy usage, treatment plants, waste disposal and health and safety requirements.

When making investment decisions the Company uses energy efficient options for lighting, heating and ventilation and will train staff to minimise energy use.

The Company seeks to minimise the use of packaging material and to recycle discarded packaging material and paper where it is practical to do so.

The Company uses paper from well-managed forests.

Our waste

We dispose of our waste in the most environmentally efficient way possible

Old timber frames and windows are removed from site by our installers and are then brought back to our workshop and dismantled. The glass and old iron weights are removed. The timber is then burned in our wood waste furnace. The resultant heat is piped around the factory to provide central heating, Timber shavings and dust waste from our workshop is fed into a briquette machine which is again in turn used to heat the factory.

Any old iron sash weights are collected and recycled into component parts for new projects.

Our office staff sort their waste, ranging from paper through to drinks bottles, into the correct recycling bins for collection.

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