New Sash Windows

M&R Joinery Services makes a complete range of timber windows each designed to suit the needs of discerning owners of period properties. These include many different styles of box sash, casement, bay and one-off feature windows.

Unique sash windows that fit the architecture of your home

We can create any style in any colour to make your windows add value to your home.
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The Glass We Use

The glass supplied for each project can differ massively. Each specification can be discussed in detail with our surveyors so the project complies with the relevant regulations or local planning authority. Patterned, obscure, safety and laminate glass are just a few of the many types available.

We can provide a bespoke finish to your windows. We provide windows with a wide variety of finishes on a daily basis.

Window Furniture

We supply and fit a standard range of window furniture, which is specially selected for being high quality, hard wearing and elegant. Our standard finishes are brass, polished chrome and satin chrome, but we can also source other patterns and finishes on request, such as black or pewter.

If you would like to learn more about our sash windows or are interested in a replacement please contact us on 0151 426 8435 to discuss and arrange a free no obligation survey.

Delivery and Installation

The manufacturing process typically takes twelve weeks from receipt of order. Our team will contact you to arrange installation and will take care of details such as access to the property, parking and any other considerations.

Once the installation team completes the work, they will ensure that you are completely satisfied before departing.

Sash Window Refurbishment

We can renew or upgrade sashes, furniture, sills and more. Get in touch today.
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Our Service

Our refurbishment products are excellent quality and value, but we will only recommend them to you if we believe they represent a good long term investment. If your windows are beyond repair we will always recommend partial or full replacement.

Draught Sealing

Our draught sealing and overhaul service is designed to bring new life to any window and will dramatically improve the window performance at a fraction of the cost of replacement. We will bring your old windows into the 21st century, whilst retaining the aesthetic character and charm of your home.

The gaps around a typical single sash window can add up to the equivalent of 6 square inches. Without draught sealing, draughts, dust, dirt and noise all flood into your home and heat rushes out, leaving you feeling uncomfortable as well as costing you money.

At the same time as carrying out draught sealing work, we repair any damaged timber or glazing as well as fitting new ironmongery and locks.

The Benefits

Aside from the obvious cost benefit, refurbishment of your existing windows has other advantages. By carrying out this work the lifespan of the windows is greatly extended, the historical integrity of the building is preserved, the work can be completed without a lengthy manufacturing delay. Most importantly it is environmentally friendly.

The benefits of our refurbishment services include :

  • No more draughts
  • No more rattles
  • Reduced external noise levels
  • Improved insulation
  • Reduced dirt and dust
  • Correctly balanced windows that operate smoothly
  • Extended window life
  • Improved security

From shop fronts to bespoke windows

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Security First

One of our great strengths is our ability to offer bespoke glazing specifications to traditional windows, thereby providing solutions to a wide range of our customers problems. We source our glass from a wide range of suppliers, from those who are world leaders in glass manufacture such as Pilkington and St Gobain, through to small independent suppliers of very specialist products such as Timberlite.

The Timber We Use

We consider a number of key factors when deciding what timber to use for our windows.

They are:

  • Suitability – is the project internal or external
  • Durability – Durability is an essential quality
  • Straightness of the grain – Straight grained timbers are more stable
  • Texture (fine or coarse) – The finer the grain the easier to finish to a high standard
  • Sustainability – M &R Joinery Services only use sustainable timbers
  • Cost – Purchasing timber on the basis of cost is almost always a false economy

With the points above firmly in mind we make our windows and doors from Sapele, European Oak, Unsorted Reds & Accoya™ . These timbers are reasonably forgiving and will last a lifetime and beyond, if the relevant maintenance cycles are adhered to. We believe that if you decide to replace your windows you should only have to do it once.

The quality of the timber we use and our joinery construction methods are of paramount importance to the lifespan of your windows and doors. We use the traditional mortice and tenon contruction techniques, identical to those that were used throughout the Georgian and Victorian periods.

The Standard We Deliver

We offer a full factory painted finish on all windows and doors. The finish system is a microporous paint system with the ability to produce any colour.

The Sash Windows or Doors will receive a Factory Paint Finish System which consists of 1 primer and 2 top coats which is spray applied giving a high quality finish. We have professional paint booths to prepare all of our products ready for careful dispatch and professional installation.

We work towards 450 microns wet film thickness with an end grain Kodrin sealer which enhances the life of you Sash Window or Door. The range of window furniture and security locks we offer is very extensive to suit every need and taste.

Listed Buildings

Contact our expert team today on 0151 426 8435 to discuss your needs and request a free no obligation survey.

    Designed to add charm and character to your home, our timber windows are made to order by craftsmen who will exactly match the design of your existing windows, if required. At the same time we can incorporate the very latest in window technology so as to ensure market leading security, insulation, durability, finish and reliability. All our work conforms to, or exceeds, building regulations, FENSA requirements. You can view sample window designs and more detail on our new windows or call us today on 0151 426 8435.

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    Did you know?

    The traditional box sash window has been around for many hundreds of years. Amazingly the design remains almost unchanged. Traditional sash windows operate via a mechanism that consists of cords and pulleys counterbalanced with weights.


    There are many different designs and patterns of sash windows that we are proud to be able to replicate.


    We can replace the entire window or just the sliding parts provided that the existing frames are in good enough condition.


    The materials we use are of the highest quality.